Tue. 9/24 1:00 PM Executive Functioning and Substance Abuse Disorder Executive Functioning and Substance Abuse Disorder: Presenter: Evan Flamenbaum, DSW This course will provide an overview of the cross over between Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Substance Abuse Disorders. Research based strategies will be present... more
Tue. 10/22 1:00 PM LGBTQ Sensitive Care for Tx of Addictions/Meeting LGBTQ Sensitive Care for the Treatment of Addictions  This training will examine the ways that LGBTQ clients may be at risk for certain psychological struggles. Members will look at issues of intersectionality and how a client’s presen... more
Wed. 11/20 1:00 PM Adverse Childhood Experiences and Impact on Mental Health Clinicians Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Impact on Social Workers and Other Clinicians With Lala Straussner, PhD, LCSW Â Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed the Adverse Childhood Expe... more
Wed. 12/11 12:00 AM Food Addiction Food Addiction  Food Addiction, although not officially recognized in the DSM-5, is believed by many to be a valid category of addictive disorder. This presentation will provide scientific evidence for the existence of food addiction by comp... more
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